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The Mystery Behind Hawaiian Tikis Uncovered

The ancient art form of carved, wooden tikis is central to Hawaiian culture. Tikis are a form of religious art, originating from an ancient Polynesian religion brought over to the Islands by settlers and migrants.  Adherents to this ancient religion believed that their gods had once walked the earth in either human or animal form, and could therefore be conceptualized and depicted.  Many of these images feature stern or angered faces, meant to communicate the ferocity of their powers.

According to this religion, tikis bring fortunes of various kinds—such as monetary wealth, healthy crops, or love - based on the specific mana, or powers, held by the god depicted.  Tikis not only served as art, but also allowed Polynesians and Hawaiian natives to create a closer connection with the religion and feel closer to the godly realm.  It was believed that the gods provided humans with the natural environment in order to give them food and shelter, and that in order to properly honor the gods for this gift, humans should take proper care of the environment.

At one point, a powerful Hawaiian King outlawed the mystical belief in the power of tikis, and even ordered the destruction of some tikis.  Despite this, tikis regained popularity in recent decades and have often been used as a theme for parties and stores.  Even today many people believe that Hawaiian tikis bring fortune!  Could a Hawaiian tiki statue bring you special fortune?