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Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Calling all coffee and caffeine lovers! We are excited to bring you a wide range of rich, delicious and complex brews right here in this must-see collection of Kona coffees. “Kona coffee” is simply the name for coffee cultivated on Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. We are proud to offer you one of the most luxurious, sought after and expensive kinds of coffee in the world—and at a reasonable, affordable price!

What’s not to love? Whether you prefer ground medium roast coffee, to grind your own whole beans for your French press or to keep it fast and simple with instant coffee on those busy weekday mornings, you’ll be pleased with this selection. Choose 100% ground Kona coffee, delightful gift sets, coffee in rich and sweet flavor blend - think chocolate or vanilla macadamia, toasted coconut, Hawaiian hazelnut and more - or whole beans grown in volcanic soil, just to name a few! What are you waiting for? Wake up to a nice cup of Hawaii’s best Kona brews or grab a great gift for someone special.