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Hawaiian Tikis


Spanning many different origins in Polynesian cultures, a Tiki is a large or small statue made of study wood or stone. They are carved to resemble a human or god and often symbolize something of great importance within a community. From religious motifs and often-told mythological tales, the Tiki man has represented many concepts throughout the years. Today, the tiki still holds that much significance in Polynesian culture - and is also widely recognized in the world of pop culture.

We are proud to bring you this colorful collection of Tiki statuettes hand-carved from high-quality and durable oak wood—and carefully hand-painted too. Even better, each figurine was thoughtfully crafted right here in beautiful Hawaii. These 6-inch and 8-inch pieces are perfect decor accents for setting atop your fireplace mantel, on an entryway shelf or in your Aloha State-themed guest room for all to see. These are also sure to delight as a unique and memorable gift for a family member or friend this festive holiday season. Peruse this artisan selection, ranging in themes and symbols from love, fertility, money and luck to the Big Kahuna (or king) and courageous Hawaiian  warriors. Which personality-packed tiki will you choose?


Hawaiian Tiki statues represent the many Tiki gods in Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. Hawaiian tiki god statues have various headdresses, each with different meanings. Our colletion of hand carved and hand painted Tiki statues, masks and totems include Big Kahuna Tiki, Money Tiki, Love Tiki, Warrior Tiki, Fertility Tiki, Lucky Tiki and Winner Tiki.