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Macadamia Nuts

We just can’t get enough of the filling, salty and delicious nut: the macadamia nut. Also known as the Hawaii nut, did you know that the macadamia nut—along with coffee, avocados and sugarcane - is one of The Aloha State’s biggest exporters? And did you know that macadamia nuts contain the greatest amount of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per serving than other nuts? Whether you prefer them raw, roasted or covered in chocolate (or delicious coffee!), we’ve got a treat right here in this collection for you! Keep it simple with a 4.5-ounce can of dry roasted, unsalted dry roasted or even honey roasted nuts. These are a great healthy snack to keep in your cabinet.

Or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, choose macadamia nuts smothered in rich milk chocolate, thick and sticky toffee or even caramel popcorn! And don’t forget Kauai cookies! The original cookie from the island of Kauai, these almond cookies come in a range of flavors, ranging from guava macadamia and macadamia nut shortbread to Kona coffee macadamia. All of these scrumptious snacks are proudly grown in Hawaiian soils, kissed by warm tropical suns and shipped all around the world for a great price. What’s not to love? Nab your macadamia nuts today!