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Hawaiian Food & Drinks

Aloha, bold flavors! We’re proud to bring you our vast Hawaiian Food & Drinks collection. Fusing multiple cuisines brought over by immigrants, Hawaii’s food is as satisfying as its breathtaking white sand beaches, tropical forests, sunsets and colorful communities. Drawing from local ingredients—think seafood, beef, pig, various tropical foods and gravy-and-egg-smothered burgers—their cuisine is rich, complex and never fails to delight tourists and locals alike. Whether you escape to the warm-weather archipelago every summer while on your family vacation or have not experienced its delectable dining offerings (yet!), you are sure to discover as treat to try, taste and savor in this made-in-Hawaii assortment.

From complex and salty Hawaiian-style poke seasoning mixes and crunchy, luau BBQ-flavored potato chips to sweet and creamy coconut milk-based Haupia pudding, Macadamia nut cookies and soothing organic tea blends in a range of flavors, we have sweet and savory treats for you to choose from. With goodies suited for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even indulgent, guilt-free late-night snacks, this vast selection will have you eating (and drinking!) Hawaiian grub all day long! So what are you waiting for? Whip up your own magnificent feast inspired by The Aloha State.


Hawaiian chocolate
Our milk chocolate candies come only from Hawaiian brands, such as Hawaiian Host, Hawaiian Sun, and Mauna Loa. Each of these products is accentuated with native Hawaiian fruits, caramel, and/or the legendarily delicious Macadamia nut.

Hawaiian Spices
Hawaiian dishes have a unique flavor. To prepare traditional Hawaiian food, the proper spices must be included. Here you will find everything you need including Alaea red Hawaiian sea salt, only found on the Hawaiian Islands. A staple of Hawaiian cuisine!

Hawaiian Tea
Our native Hawaiian teas, manufactured by either the Hawaiian Island Tea Company or Hawaii Natural Tea blends or black or brown tea are infused with the flavors and tastes of Hawaiian fruits, such as passion fruit, mango, and pineapple.

Hawaiian Drinking Powder
Whether you'd prefer to add the mix to your own drink or brew it as tea, these drink mixes give a variety of Hawaiian flavors (including guava nectar, passion fruit, passion orange, and even fruit nectar) to your drinks.

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts
As the Macadamia nut is a notably Hawaiian food item, we offer it in a variety of forms. From sweet cravings of chocolate or cookies, to more savory coffee or even popcorn, we sell a variety of Macadamia food products.