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Hawaiian Flower Leis

If you have ever been lucky enough to visit the breathtaking and culturally rich Aloha State, you know and adore their floral leis and all that they stand for. If you have not yet stopped in, a lei is simply a wreath of connected flowers that is given upon arriving or leaving the state and is meant as a sign of affection—and they are everywhere!

In the Hawaiian culture, leis are also given out during graduations, weddings, school dances and other oh-so special events as a sign of love, honor and friendship. Appreciated by locals and eager tourists alike, leis can be made out of almost anything the creator enjoys working with - like foliage, paper, felt or shells—but we are proud to offer beautiful artificial accessories that will last.

From earthy and durable black kukui nut leis, necklaces made of artificial pink and white plumeria flower picks to eye-catching, multi color bougainvillea, delicate orchids and soft pink rosebuds atop cream-hued silk, this ranging selection of high-quality, made-in-Hawaii silk leis is a must-see for Hawaii-lovers. These colorful accents make great gifts too!