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Hawaiian Aloha Shirts

The classic Hawaiian Aloha shirt, famous across the world for their colorful floral design and distinct Polynesian motifs. The perfect gift for anyone wishing to bring the vibrant feel of the Hawaiian islands into their lives.

Our shirts are made using tradition techniques with 100% cotton and coconut buttons made from husked coconuts, all right here in Hawaii.

The traditional Aloha shirt is designed to be worn loosely but is highly versatile, able to be worn with anything from dress pants to jeans and even shorts.

While across the world the traditional Hawaiian shirt is usually used for informal occasions, here in Hawaii it is not uncommon for use in everyday life.
In fact here in Hawaii the Aloha shirt is often seen as acceptable workplace and business wear throughout the state with “aloha wear” being enjoyed by people from all professions, from office workers to bus drivers.

So whether you simply want a taste of Hawaii or are planning a trip to the 50th state, the aloha shirt is a must have!

With our stunning designs, all made with the highest quality materials, we are certain you will find the one that calls out to you, and we hope you will enjoy your very own traditional Hawaiian Aloha shirt for years to come!