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Why Everyone Is Crazy About Hawaiian Islands Black Tropical Tea

Hawaii only begun growing tea in the last thirty years, with just a few tiny farms dotted around the islands.  The tea plant was imported into Hawaii during the 1800s but turns out it wasn’t as profitable as growing sugarcane or pineapple.  Fast forward to the 1980s and a new generation of farmers had the vision to experiment with specialist tea farming.  Now, thirty years later there are are a small number of tea farms in Hawaii, dedicated to consistently producing quality tea. 

 The fertile volcanic soil of Hawaii makes the state a tea producing paradise.   As a result of the tea being grown in this soil, the leaves take on a remarkably distinct flavor.  Each tea has its own mouth-watering flavor, which tastes sunny and clear, with subtle aspects of of citrus and honey-esque sweetness. 

The costly expense of Hawaii's labor and export logistics ensures that tea will never be a bulk commodity crop, always remaining a specialty item instead.  With Island land being limited, each farmers commitment to producing their own unique style of tea assures that their focus remains on small, high quality production.

 Hawaiian Islands Black Tropical Tea is a refreshing black tea, enhanced by the tropical flavors of the islands and reminiscent of Maui’s blissful golden beaches.  Hawaiian Black Tropical Tea is perfect to drink hot or as an iced treat.  With several heavenly flavors to choose from including Strawberry Lychee, Coconut Macadamia Herbal and Mango Maui.  Where-ever you are in the world, you can taste Hawaii's sunshine and tropical breezes in a cup.

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